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Passionate About Inspiring Others

My mental discipline and determination to constantly grow as a driver enables me to continue to evolve into something greater. Whether it’s forcing myself to try new driving techniques or learning different platforms of cars or understanding how all parts of a car work, I'm constantly working to improve, grow and be better. This has all made me into a very competitive driver, one who took home the 2020 and 2018 Championships.


I work hard behind the scenes to develop myself not only as a driver but as a human. I work hard to stay fit both mentally and physically and I also find it important to take time to work with charities and give back to the community. 



What I love the most about racing is the competition. Everyone comes to the track knowing they’re going into battle and the number one goal is to come out first. 

I get questioned a lot as to why I love racing- the pressure, the demand of toughness, the danger… and all I can say is that I love the inner animal it brings out of me. Not many things in life bring that form of a higher self, if you will, out of you. I transform into a completely different person and as soon as the helmet goes on, I’ve entered a different world. It’s my favourite thing.


Outside of the racing world, I restore and modify classic cars. Racing and cars are my life. 

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