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Interworld Group strives to uphold its quality standards and at the same time, exceed its own expectations. Of equal importance are the relationships we’ve developed with clients. With this in mind, we’ve expanded the company into multiple divisions and formed partnerships with others. This growth provides us the flexibility to produce a superior, high-quality product; while simultaneously reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

By having established individual divisions within the company, dedicated to forestry and furniture, we utilize our manufacturing capabilities to provide ourselves with materials at a significantly lower cost. In doing so, this places us in a unique position; that of being the developer and the supplier. With the ability and resources to take on both roles, it creates a quicker turnaround on the homes we build and reassures clients of the quality they’re receiving. 

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At Utility Advocates, we are in the financial aspects of lowering and controlling indirect service costs for mid to large commercial and industrial companies. We accomplish this by analyzing, verifying, and validating prices, rates, tariffs, supplier contracts and other factors influencing utility costs. We call this segment of our services: Forensic Bill Audit and Verification Services. We also manage electricity, natural gas, and fuel supply requirements on behalf of our clients. We call this segment of our services: Procurement Services.

Billing errors often go undetected and cost businesses millions of dollars each year. CFOs, CEOs, Presidents, Owners all rely on our expertise to better manage their indirect service costs. We have compiled an internal rate database to negotiate more effectively. Our data bank provides a comparative analysis with 10,000+ locations we analyze on an ongoing basis to provide accurate and competitive pricing trends, strategies, and purchasing options.


At Strength-N-U, we believe that fitness and therapy should go hand in hand to create a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Our mission is to give people the tools they need to create meaningful change in themselves and make a positive impact on the world.

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